Literature on Genetics

Literature on Genetics is a new feature on the blog "News on Genetics."  Literature on Genetics will present papers that might be used in a graduate course on genetics. The emphasis will be on papers with educational value, especially those that present (or use in an especially illustrative way) important methods.  However, classical papers that provide background important in a literature-based course are also included.

"News on Genetics" is always brief posts on genetics and genomics, highlighting new results, good writing and important ideas.  Those posts that are also tagged as "Literature on Genetics" posts will be accessible via the brief URL that links to all posts with the tag GenLit.

Literature on Genetics will also use the following tags, all of which are identical to those used on CiteULike by the user ongenetics (often for the same papers):
  • species tags: yeast_saccharomyces, caenorhabditis, arabidopsis, drosophila, mouse, human
  • topics tags: bioinformatics, complex_traits, epigenetics, gene_structure, popgen, systematics
  • method tags: comparative_genomics, inbred_lines, genetic_screen, gwas, sequencing, RNAi, epistasis
  • paper type tags: method, review, background
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Steve Mount
University of Maryland